Siren Salon

Welcome to Siren Salon. Our environment is designed to bring your inner Siren to the surface. In our salon you’ll find elements chosen to provoke thought, as well as to pamper. From Italian magazines and imported wallpaper, to our fine art gallery, we have selected items and architecture that will nourish your curiosity and inspire your sense of adventure. To the Siren, relaxation and inspiration always go hand in hand.

Siren Salon was created by Nicole Giannini in the Fall of 2006. It was born from a love of dynamic hair, classic Hollywood femme fatales, bold European architecture and just the right amount of Californian eco-conciousness. At Siren Salon, naturally nurturing products will be offered, and trees will be appreciated, but never hugged.

We are proud to be part of the most chic and charming Marin neighborhood, downtown San Anselmo. If you have a little extra time, may we suggest combining a Salon visit with a cafe lunch, some boutique shopping or a visit to our favorite coffee spot. In our own spare time, we like to indulge in a little fireman-spotting, a favorite sport we offer at no extra charge. Of course, we cannot guarantee a firefighter sighting. Only that your own Siren-like qualities will be fine-tuned at our one-of-a-kind  Siren station.

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